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What to Expect on Your First Visit

Dr. Stoddard believes in individual, personalized care. After filling out our New Patient Forms, Dr. Stoddard will take you back to a private room to discuss why you came into our office today as well as help you to understand what chiropractic can do for you individually. On your first visit only, Dr. G will also discuss your health history and will do a spinal examination to determine where problem areas are. Following that, he will do the spinal manipulation (aka adjustment) to begin the healing process. Depending on the treatment plan you and the Doctor decide on, your treatment may include our Electronic muscle stimulation (technically referred to as Interferential) which, though it sounds scary, is actually extremely relaxing. You may also do our Intersegmental Traction machine, aka the Roller Table, which gently massages from your lower back to the upper neck. After your appointment, it is likely you’ll feel a noticeable improvement as most patients report feeling immediately better.

You won’t have any x-rays done here on your first visit or any visit. We don’t do x-rays in office as we are radiation conscious and Dr. Stoddard rarely needs to see a film in order to diagnose problem areas. If, however, Dr. G does feel that x-rays are needed or that another specialist would be better suited to help you, he will absolutely give you a referral to another doctor. Your health, whether through us or through another doctor, is our #1 priority.

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